“Contour Global” seeks over €20 million in compensation from Kosovo

“Contour Global” has demanded from the Government of Kosovo a compensation of over €20 million euros in a letter announcing the termination of the contract to build the Kosova e Re power plant. 

“We are surprised and disappointed that Contour Global has chosen to unilaterally notify its intent to terminate the agreements with the Government and to make the unfounded and unjust demand for 20,053,125.63 euros of alleged development costs,” the Ministry said in a statement. 

It added that Minister Rozeta Hajdari invited Contour Global leaders to a teleconference to discuss matters of the Kosova e Re power plant project but that “instead of responding to our invitation, Contour Global sent the letter to notify its intent to terminate of the contracts and to demand the payment.”

The ministry said that the government of Kosovo will act in accordance with the law and the public interest, working for the economic development and wellbeing of the citizens of Kosovo.