Thaçi calls for quick establishment of Kosovo`s government

Kosovo President  Hashim Thaci has urged for the quick establishment of the country’s government.

In a press conference today, President Thaçi said that the constitution of Kosovo should be respected.

Below is Thaçi’s full speech:

I welcome the decision of the Constitutional Court, which paves the way for the formation of the new government of Kosovo.

I have been careful in every step I have taken to be in full compliance with the Constitution.

This was confirmed last night by the unanimous decision of the judges of the Constitutional Court.

Most importantly, the Constitution confirmed that the Assembly of Kosovo is the highest political institution in the country.

It was confirmed that the will of the citizens is all parties, not just one party.

The new government must now be established as soon as possible, as circumstances require a functioning government.

I call on all institutions, all political parties, to implement all decisions of the Constitutional Court.

I call on institutional and party leaders to work together to have a regular transition.

I also invite the media and civil society to contribute to the welfare of this process.

We must preserve the constitutional order and integrity of the justice system in Kosovo.

Maintain peace and stability.

Let’s focus on what is most important for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo and bring development, prosperity for all.

Let’s focus on successfully overcoming the pandemic of COVID-19 but also work on economic recovery.

Let’s continue reforms in the judiciary, the economy, and governing institutions.

Strengthen security and defense institutions.

I call on the EU and EU member states to undertake the deserved decision on visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo as soon as possible.

Let's all work together for Kosovo to become part of NATO and the European Union as soon as possible.

And maintain the special relationship, the eternal partnership with the United States of America.