Kurti: Decision of Constitutional Court, unacceptable

Kosovo acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti deemed today as unacceptable the decision of the Constitutional Court which found that President Thaci’s decree giving the mandate to LDK’s Avdullah Hoti to form a new government was in line with the Constitution.

“We didn’t have great hopes about the decision of the Constitutional Court, but this decision is beyond the imagination and under every level (logical and legal). As unjust, it is unacceptable. We will inform the citizens about further political steps in the coming days,” he said.


“There are very few cases or none in the democratic world where the winner of the elections and the incumbent government are willing to go to new elections and this is rendered impossible by the Constitutional Court and the President by claiming fictive majorities in the Assembly … Instead of interpreting the Constitution, the Court seemed to have the following approach: as the President is right let us try to justify him,” Kurti wrote in a Facebook post.

Kurti said his legal advisors will provide a detailed assessment after they receive the full text of the court’s decision. He also said: “Unfortunately, the Constitutional Court has sided with those that have seized the state. The Court spoke more about itself rather than about the issue it was addressing. It devalued itself. Our fight continues, together with the aware people, against this corrupt class.”