Judah: Dialogue weakens if Thaci resigns

British reporter and analyst on the Balkans, Tim Judah, said in an interview for Voice of America in Serbian on Tuesday the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia will weaken if the indictment against Kosovo President Hashim Thaci is confirmed and he resigns.

He said that if Thaci resigns, the parties will not have negotiators with the same strengths. He added that it is not likely that the meeting in Washington will take place because of the uncertain situation surrounding Thaci and with the upcoming presidential elections in the United States.

Judah also said he believes the indictment against Thaci will be confirmed. “I think it will be confirmed because it has been worked on for 20 years. I think the prosecutor wouldn’t have proposed the indictment if he wasn’t confident that it will be confirmed. I assume that the prosecutor believes that there is sufficient evidence not only for the case to reach trial but to win [the case] in court,” he added.