CDHRF: Talks with Serbia to be suspended

The Kosovo-based Council for Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) issued a statement calling for the suspension of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue following the Specialist Prosecutor`s indictment against Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli.

"It is clear that certain decision-makers at the global level were not interested in continuing talks in the previous composition," CDHRF said.
It added that the Specialist Chambers move to announce the accusations against Thaci and Veseli was political and not legal and that its purpose was the continuation of dialogue whereby Kosovo would be on an unequal footing as Serbia. "It is good that Prime Minister Hoti will not go to Washington and it would be good if he didn't go to Paris either because, with a crippled negotiating team, he would lack credibility and would have no right to take any major decisions or even discuss them," CDHRF said. 
CDHRF said that Kosovo needs to either build a broad-based government or head to fresh elections: "Prime Minister Hoti needs to free himself from the enthusiasm of the moment and face the reality that he cannot do anything without the opposition."