PDK: Anti-COVID law must be adopted, violators must be fined

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) said on Monday that the Kosovo Assembly must adopt the anti-COVID law and introduce harsh fines for those that fail to respect the protective measures against the coronavirus.

“The Government and the Assembly must act as quickly as possible and adopt the anti-COVID law. The Democratic Party of Kosovo will support this initiative,” PDK MP Bekim Haxhiu told a press conference.

“The mistakes made by the former government are being continued by the new government. Unfortunately, they have not listened to the repeated calls of the PDK for more testing at the country-level and to decentralize the process in the municipalities. Kosovo has enough capacities to conduct up to 1,000 tests a day,” he said.
Haxhiu also said that the government must issue a special decision to increase the salaries of healthcare professionals.