War veterans change protest plan

KLA War Veterans’ Association (WVA) has decided to hold the protest planned for 9 July, despite the recommendation of the National Institute for Public Health to avoid rallies due to the danger of the spread of the coronavirus pandemics.

Nasim Haradinaj, deputy head of this organization said the protest will be held by changing tactics and have 99 individuals protesting in each municipality.

“NIPHK has recommended that such gatherings are not recommended during these two weeks because they endanger the health of the population, so we thought that the protest should not be postponed and held on July 9, but we will delegate competencies to the branches of WVA in municipalities by changing tactics. We decided that every municipality has the right to protest at noon, with only 99 people, soldiers or veterans of the KLA, which symbolizes the year 1999,” said Haradinaj to the media. 

PDK leader Kadri Veseli called on Saturday on the WVA KLA to cancel the July 9 protest, due to the situation in the country with the Covid-19 pandemic.