Roth: EU must move forward on visa liberalization with Kosovo

Germany’s Minister for Europe Michael Roth says Kosovo should be granted visa liberalization.

In an opinion published by Die Welt, Roth said the situation in the Western Balkans remains fragile adding that the reconciliation in the region is a key factor to peace and changes, opening a better perspective for the Western Balkans.

“The EU role is clear: We have a special responsibility for the yard of the European house. We should do everything in our power for the sake of peace, reconciliation, and democracy in the Western Balkans,” Roth said adding that the future of the Western Balkans is with the EU. Roth said the EU should give Kosovo promised visa liberalization. 

Speaking on priorities of Germany during the EU Presidency, Roth said that one of the priorities of Germany is to support the Western Balkan countries in their European path. He said Germany will give new spirit to the dialogue and has also commented on the idea of exchange of borders between Kosovo and Serbia referring to it as a “dangerous deal.” 

“Considering tensions in the region, we should give a new spirit to the dialogue on normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo. This is because we need a sustainable solution of conflicts – and not dangerous ‘deals’, which with fantasies on land swap threaten to open again the Pandora Box,” the German minister said.