Gucati:Indictment proposal against KLA leaders,direct attack on Kosovo

The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)  war veterans protested today Kosovo-wide with the motto ‘Defending Liberation War.’

Head of the Association of KLA Veterans, Hysni Gucati, called the indictment against former members of the KLA as unjust, biased, and politically motivated.

“We have gathered throughout Kosovo under extraordinary conditions and circumstances to oppose the unfair and biased accusations, politically influenced by a part of the international community against the KLA for 20 years now, orchestrated by both Serbia and its allies. The unusual announcement of the charges against KLA leaders surprised the civilian world. The reckless and unfair action of the prosecutor who to exercise public pressure stated the confirmation or denial of the accusation by the court,” Gucati said. 

“The people of Kosovo who fought against killing-machine of ex-Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic, remained deeply disappointed because those who for 20 years taught us on the rule of law now are violating these laws and this was proven on the way how the indictment was filed by interfering justice, and making these courts vulnerable to politics,” he added.