Assembly does not approve LVV’s draft resolution on dialogue

Kosovo Assembly MPs did not approve the draft-resolution on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue,  proposed today by the Vetevendosje Movement (LVV).

31 MPs voted in favor, 60 MPs were against, while one MP abstained while voting the four-point draft-resolution presented by the LVV caucus, Rexhep Selimi.

These are the points of the draft-resolution:   

The Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo reiterates that the unitary character of the Republic of Kosovo is untouchable and inviolable.

 Taking into account the confirmed facts regarding the topic addressed during the current dialogue, that of the exchange of territories which is in contradiction with the constitutional obligation and safeguarding the sovereignty and integrity of Kosovo, the assembly requests from the institutions in charge that during the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia under no circumstances or level discuss issues related to sovereignty or integration or that risk the creation of some kind of a third and administrative power;

Before any meeting within the dialogue with Serbia, the Assembly of Kosovo must approve the platform for dialogue, which will include the principles on the grounds of which the dialogue will take place and will be voted with 2/3 of the votes of the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo;

The Assembly of Kosovo demands the opening of the way for a democratic electoral process from which a legitimate government would emerge and the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue would be legitimate.