UNMIK assists Malisheva with anti-Covid-19 protection equipment

The Office of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo supported the Municipality of Malisheva today with a donation of masks and gloves, in the continuation of their support for the municipalities of Kosovo.

Some time ago, UNMIK supported the municipality of Malisheva, also with food packages for the families in need.

Malisheva mayor Ragip Begaj, expressed while hosting in his office the UNMIK officials Lino Sciarra and Abedin Lataj, appreciation for this help, as well as for the previous assistance to the Municipality of Malisheva.

Sciarra on the other hand said that he is pleased that they have the opportunity to help municipalities in Kosovo with protective equipment, to show solidarity in the joint fight against Covid-19 through direct help for municipalities.”

Begaj and Sciarra talked about the general situation with Covid-19 in Malisheva.