Ahmeti: Number of coronavirus cases is much higher

Prishtina Mayor Shpend Ahmeti said in an interview with Klan Kosova on Thursday evening that the registered number of cases of coronavirus in Kosovo is not accurate and that the real numbers are much higher.

“I don’t think the numbers are accurate. I think that the number of infected persons in Kosovo is much higher,” he said. 

“I think today we can expect an even higher number because the virus spreads fast if the measures are not respected. Many people have tested positive for the virus and do not tell they are infected … Unlike other countries, we lack the information that would enable the policymakers to draft policies to address the situation,” Ahmeti said.

Ahmeti said that nearly 70,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of the pandemic. “We might not see it today, but in September and October we will have an extreme economic and social crisis,” he said.

Ahmeti also criticized political parties for failing to ratify international financial aid agreements in the Assembly.

“If you don’t come together you will bear the responsibility. In September and October, we won’t need political parties, and the mayors of municipalities will again have to manage the situations because the requests from citizens for basic products are four times higher,” he added.