William Walker disappointed with SPO’s actions

William Walker, former U.S. Ambassador and head of the OSCE Verification Mission in Kosovo, said in an interview with RTK on Thursday that he was disappointed with the publication of the proposed indictment against Kosovo President Hashim Thaci and Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader Kadri Veseli.

“I was utterly disappointed when the Prosecutor issued that statement. Now I question the timing of the statement too because President Thaci was traveling to Washington to attend the summit organized by the White House as part of efforts to find a final settlement. The timing of the statement, and the content of the accusations, I think this raises questions about the real motive behind it,” he said.

Walker argued that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has responsibility for the crimes committed in Kosovo because he was a minister in the Serbian Government. “He is partly responsible because he was a minister in a government that was ordering Serbian forces to do what they did in Kosovo in 1998 – 99 and Recak was a result of that,” he said.

Walker called on Kosovo’s leaders to find unity “in these bad times for Kosovo”.