Konjufca: Good governance will be restored soon

Vetevendosje senior member and former Kosovo Foreign Minister, Glauk Konjufca, said on Tuesday that a Kurti-led government will be restored soon.

“They brought down the Kurti-led government claiming that it was not properly managing the pandemic. But at the time the number of cases was constantly under 30. And today when 200 new cases every day have become normality, Abran Abrashi claims with irritating cynicism that the situation is stable and blames the Vetevendosje Movement. Back to the day when we had 19 cases with COVID – 19, Agim Veliu in coordination with Thaci proposed a state of emergency … But with 219 new cases, they believe the situation is normal. This goes to show that together with the PDK, they were not thinking about the virus, but rather how to bring down the Kurti-led government,” he said.
Konjufca said the current government has a terrible approach in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, “thousands of people can die but they will not introduce stricter measures”.
Konjufca added that “the dialogue with Serbia has not only degenerated completely but seeing the passive government, Vucic’s gendarmerie is easily crossing the borders of our country”.
According to Konjufca, “a person without any legitimacy from the people” has been appointed as Kosovo’s coordinator for the talks with Serbia.
“At a time when the people have been left to the mercy of fate, it is important not to lose the will and hope. The time when the people will use their votes as punishment will come very soon … The people cannot wait to restore the good governance that began in February but was cut short in March.”