PDK MP vows to reintroduce draft law on KLA

The initiator of the draft law on Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) values, Gazmend Bytyqi from the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), said he was surprised with the way MPs voted today.

Bytyqi said the draft law was discussed with all parliamentary groups and there was political consensus to pass the law on the first reading and address concerns at the second reading stage. 

“We understand some of the concerns of colleagues and international friends but we assured them that we are ready to make necessary corrections and amendments in the second reading,” Bytyqi said adding that the goal of the draft law is to “institutionalize the KLA war as a sublime value of the people of Kosovo”. 

He said that the legislation will be reintroduced at the Assembly until such a time when 61 MPs do vote on it, be it in favor, against or by abstaining.