VAIU gets support from the American Chamber of Commerce Prishtinë

US-based company Vaiu Global, Inc. is an enterprise software company that specializes in financial technologies, specifically a novel Tokenized Asset Clearinghouse service called VAIU.

This US-based company has invested lately in Kosovo and has become a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, to profit from services and experience that powerful businesses association has.

Vaiu Kosova, LLC is a registered company for more than a year in the Republic of Kosovo and since then has committed to invest substantially on local innovative payment systems, services that it plans to offer soon through banks and local processors wishing to facilitate cash-like in-person retail, e-commerce, and informal payments on the Kosovo financial market.

“Kosovo is a very hospitable country for foreign investors, especially for the U.S Companies. They are welcomed by both the Government and people due to historical reasons. But by being a new country with new institutions, often they lack efficacy and often companies are faced with an incomprehensible bureaucracy that doesn’t need to exist at all.” - said Reza Jalili, Founder of VAIU GLOBAL Bureaucracies that we faced here together with delays for different requests and requirements, cost a lot of money to investors. This is not a case just for Kosovo but happens all over the world, therefore companies join associations like the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo to help them on this journey, which in reality they do a great job to defend and lobby for companies interests in front of government and other segments of society.

“We decided to join the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, as the name shows that this association gathers U.S companies, multinational companies, investors and Kosovo based companies who want to do business between two countries. And this is what we need as a company” - continued to say Kamyar Zare, COO of VAIU Global On the other side, the CEO of American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Arian Zeka has highlighted that VAIU will profit from advocating services and network of the American Chamber of Commerce.”

”VAIU, a U.S based company has joined American Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the biggest and most important organizations in Kosovo, by supporting and facilitating economic relationships between Kosovo and U.S. VAIU will profit from advocating services and network of American Chamber of Commerce and will support compliance of highest standards on trading practices” - said CEO of American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Arian Zeka.

He has said that VAIU is joining the network of 200 Enterprises, which are the biggest U.S companies and other multinational corporations that operate in Kosovo.

VAIU will play an active role through the American Chamber of Commerce committees and through task forces to help in determining policies of the American Chamber of Commerce for the things that are in their interest or are critical for the business of the other members as well the organization their selves, said CEO Zeka.

VAIU is preparing to launch its smart payment system infrastructure soon by partnering with existing financial institutions. During this week we are testing with our services on different locations and people, and soon together with the Central Bank of Kosovo and other Financial Institutions will show for the public our innovative model of payment.