GLPS: Hoti’s government failed to create unity of political spectrum

“Hoti’s government has failed to create unity within the coalition and with the political spectrum in general. Among other things, this executive has one of the biggest numbers of deputy ministers in the last 13 years,” assesses the Group for Judicial and Political Studies (GLPS) in its report on the first 100 days of the leadership of Hoti’s government.

Executive director Aberesha Loxha said even though the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) promised during the election campaign a small government with 12 ministries, the same ended up doubling the number of deputy ministers.

“With the nomination of 46 deputy ministers, we assess that it is the second government with the highest number in the last 13 years in Kosovo. Hoti’s cabinet is characterized by major gender inequality, there are only three female ministers at 16 ministries, and only eight deputy ministers,” Loxha said.

According to her, this government has not offered any perspective on reforms.

She also criticized the government for the lack of initiative to fight corruption at justice bodies.

Manager of GLPS programs Njomza Arifi said the government has failed on testing citizens for COVID-19.

“Dialogue was accompanied by lack of transparency, and both in Brussels and Washington discussions, Hoti’s government failed to create unity and consensus of the political spectrum. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has commenced weak diplomatic practices in the interest of the governing entities,” she said.