Political activists disrupt Kosovo PM Hoti’s speech

Two members of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) disrupted the speech of Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti while he was discussing the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

The two political activists stormed the stage and asked Hoti why the dialogue with Serbia is more important than the lives of Kosovo women exposed to domestic violence. 

“As the number of domestic violence cases is surging, you have not said a word,” PSD member Teute Rrusta was heard yelling as she interrupted Hoti’s speech. She said that Kosovo women are denied their basic rights and reminded that this was the reason why she and her colleague, Natyra Kuqi, decided to disrupt his speech.

Natyra Kuqi asked the prime minister why he is organizing debates on dialogue with Serbia and has done nothing to prevent violence against women, reminding him of the case when a man in Mitrovica stabbed his wife several times, at the presence of their children. She also said that a court in Pristina has reduced the sentence of a man who killed his wife and their nine-year daughter.

“Why is dialogue more important than women's lives?” Kuci asked the prime minister. 

Hoti answered briefly to the women activists saying that “no man can defend women rights better than me.”

The incident occurred on Wednesday at an event organized by the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) when the Prime Minister Hoti was invited to discuss the ongoing dialogue with Serbia.