LVV calls Thaci`s position on Association `hypocrisy`

The Vetevendosje Movement has reacted to President Hashim Thaci`s position against the Association of Serb-majority municipalities saying that his change of opinion on the matter is `hypocrisy` and recalled that the Assembly has already passed a resolution that Thaci is seeking now back in March.

"If the 'Zajednica' presents a threat to the Republic of Kosovo, which is very true, then President Thaci should do at least three things: distance himself and take responsibility for the agreement of April 2013 which is the foundation of the 'Zajednica' he signed as prime minister; take responsibility for the 'Zajednica' of August 2015 signed by Prime Minister Isa Mustafa accompanied by no other than Hashim Thaci as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister when he guaranteed that it was in line with the Constitution and later turned out it violated at least 23 of its articles; and, give accountability for his signature on the letter where the KSF is not permitted to go to the north of the country," LVV said.
The party added that Thaci is only pretending to oppose the Association "only to remain for a little while longer on the political scene."