Opposition criticizes PM Hoti for “concessions” in Washington

The two biggest opposition parties in Kosovo, the Vetevendosje Movement and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), criticized the Hoti-led government on Thursday for making “concessions” to Serbia at the meeting in Washington.

Opposition MPs at the Assembly session on Thursday argued that Prime Minister Hoti made concessions to Serbia on the Ujman Lake in the northern part of Kosovo, for agreeing to become part of the Mini-Schengen initiative and that he agreed to remove the point that talked about mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia.

Prime Minister Hoti said in his address that the agreement in Washington was reached after an active role by the United States of America.

“The agreement has 16 points, which include capital infrastructure projects. I think this is a new momentum in relations between the European Union and the United States when it comes to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia,” Hoti said.