Krasniqi: No agreement was reached in Washington

Kosovo Assembly Vice President from the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, said in his address at the Assembly session on Thursday that the recent meeting in Washington cannot be called historic for Kosovo.

“Many MPs said today that it was a historic meeting. Maybe it was a historic meeting for you, Prime Minister, you will have that photograph at the Oval Office your whole life … but it won’t be historic for Kosovo. I cannot find anything historic about it; you signed an A4 letter, but you did not reach an agreement, you said it yourself that this is not an agreement. How can it be historic when it doesn’t have the seal of the Assembly,” Krasniqi said.

Krasniqi also argued that it was positive that the meeting was held at the White House because the U.S. is an ally of Kosovo and that the two previous Prime Ministers had threatened relations with the U.S.