Haradinaj: Developments on the “Files” case do not help Kosovo

Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) Ramush Haradinaj commented on the files that the KLA war veterans` associations claimed to have received concerning the work of the Specialist Chambers saying he was deeply concerned that "the ill-intended Files spectacle is creating the impression that Kosovo is standing on the opposite side of justice."

"Recent developments on this issue, that are feeding the media debate, do not help Kosovo, its truth, or local and international justice. Whoever comes upon sensitive documents of investigation and courts should immediately hand them over to relevant institutions and not feed the continuation of media spectacles that damage the development of justice and implementation of the rule of law for all," Haradinaj wrote on Facebook.

He added that the people of Kosovo and KLA have consistently been on the right side of justice and the truth and that this will continue to be the case.