LVV reacts to Trump

The Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) has reacted to a statement on Kosovo-Serbia relations made by U.S. President Donald Trump during his election campaign. 

“We heard the U.S. President yesterday talking at a campaign rally about ‘stopping massive killings between Kosovo and Serbia,’ that committed such crimes against one-another ‘for centuries.’

The belief that the Kosovo war generated from ancient ethnic hatreds, and essential mismatching between Serbian and Albanian populations, is a wrong belief, which ignores Milosevic’s and his regime’s main role in causing the war. Also, this belief avoids the fact that the war was not ordered and was not organized ‘by citizens’, but by armies and police, with a clear commanding hierarchy and responsibility.

This topic is elaborated by historian Noel Malcolm, “Kosovo-a short history,”, which for two decades has become a book assignment for KFOR soldiers, so, the American ones as well, stationed in Kosovo, and we think that it should be read by diplomats and advisers of the president who deal with the issue of Kosovo and Serbia.

If the war in Kosovo would have been ethnic, so, it appears that ethnic difference has caused us the problem, then, NATO would never have intervened, and Milosevic could never be considered responsible by the U.S. itself, NATO, the UN, and the main democratic countries of the world. The truth is that a genocidal state apparatus was standing behind the crimes and massacres (which had earlier attacked Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina), while on the other side, unprotected Albanian people of Kosovo, who defended themselves. NATO could not stand crosshanded while Srebrenica was being repeated in Kosovo.

This statement comes at the time when Serbia has the most armed army and the highest military budget in the Western Balkans region, and purchases arms from the West, but what is even worse, continuously from Russia, and lately, it has become the first European country to buy weapons systems from China. While Kosovo, which has the West, U.S., and NATO as the only geopolitical partner, has a minimal army, no heavy armament, and sufficient budget. How can poor and unarmed Kosovo endanger Serbia? It is Serbia that has claimed in Kosovo, and its offensive armament is not aimed at distant countries in the world, but precisely the neighboring countries, and first of all, Kosovo.

With this rehabilitative approach of war criminals, peace is not being established between Kosovo and Serbia, but the frozen conflict is being prolonged. Peace is established when the guilty are punished and disarmed and when the U.S. supports international justice and Kosovo’s independence, as it has always done. Peace is established when Serbia recognizes an independent Kosovo and faces its past. Not when former Milosevic’s collaborators who committed aggression and committed genocide, are rehabilitated,” reads the reaction of the Vetevendosje Movement.