Weber:Lajcak trapped into blaming Kosovo for lack of dialogue progress

Bodo Weber from the Democratization Policy Council said that the EU Special Representative for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Miroslav Lajcak fell into the trap of Serbia’s Aleksandar Vucic by blaming Kosovo for the lack of progress in the process.

“I think that by allowing Vucic to bring up the issue of the Association, Lajcak fell into the trap of Serbia’s presidents of leading negotiations into a crisis and increasingly making himself be seen as partial, namely pro-Serb even if he was not as such,” Weber said.

He noted that the issue of the Association of Serb-majority municipality should not have been allowed to be introduced at the table of talks.

“The disputed issue of the Association can only be resolved through the framework of the truly comprehensive negotiation, one that makes it clear from the outset that Kosovo’s territorial integrity is nonnegotiable,” Weber said. 

He argued that a third option needs to be sought out, one that addressed the “common fear of Kosovo Serbs and Albanians in the state and society of Kosovo without undermining the functionality of the state of Kosovo.”