Kosovo’s economy to shrink 7.2% due to coronavirus crisis

Kosovo’s economy is expected to contract by 7.2 % due to coronavirus, the Central Bank Governor, Fehmi Mehmeti, said Monday. 

He made the comments appearing in a press conference jointly with the prime minister Avdullah Hoti and minister of Economy, Hykmete Bajrami. Mehmeti said the Central Bank of Kosovo will support the policies of the government and work on the principle of the free economy.

He said that the banking sector during the pandemic was stable, adding that the economy is expected to shrink 7.2 percent due to COVID-19 pandemic measures.

Mehmeti added that the Central Bank has helped the Government to draft the economic package and remains committed to help the economy of the country.  

Kosovo Government introduced last week new COVID-19 restrictions imposing curfew in municipalities hit the most by the pandemic, which has triggered the reaction of gastronomes complaining that the new measures would harm their businesses.