“Kosovo won’t be represented by UNMIK at Energy Community Treaty”

Kosovo’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Meliza Haradinaj – Stublla, ruled out today the possibility of UNMIK representing Kosovo at the meetings of the Energy Community Treaty.

“It is an internationally recognized fact that in the Republic of Kosovo there is now a new political and legal reality based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the decision of the International Court of Justice, and other applicable laws. This means that the Republic of Kosovo, cannot, in any case, be represented in any international initiative under the name of UNMIK, especially given the fact that for us this mission has ended on February 17, 2008,” Haradinaj – Stublla said in a meeting with EU Head of Mission in Kosovo, Thomas Sunyog. 

The European Commission plans to adopt on November 27 an amendment in the Energy Community Treaty signed in 2005 where a founding member was also the Republic of Kosovo but at the time represented by UNMIK.

Haradinaj – Stublla turned down the request for Kosovo to be represented by UNMIK at the next meeting of the Energy Treaty Committee and also called on all Kosovo institutions not to agree on participation under the name of UNMIK.

“This is a tendency of Serbia and in addition to being anti-constitutional for us, it is also illegal internationally,” Haradinaj – Stublla said. She also wrote on Twitter: “Reiterated that Kosovo’s representation with UNMIK is unconstitutional & internationally illegal, especially after the International Court of Justice’s ruling in 2010 that Kosovo’s independence is in full accordance with international law and norms”.