Hoti warns of stricter measures, decision late this week

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said on Monday evening that the situation with COVID – 19 was somewhat easier last month and that it has now worsened “with an average of over 600 new cases every day in the last couple of days”.

“We have reorganized the hospitals, we have created additional capacities, testing capacities and we are following the protocols of international organizations. We did not declare a state of emergency, but we have categorized municipalities based on the number of infections,” he said.

Hoti said late this week they will assess if the new measures have had results and if not stricter measures will be introduced. “We are following the situation. At the end of this week, we will assess to see if we are going to have to introduce more extreme measures because we might have to… I think the situation has become somewhat better in the last couple of weeks in terms of respecting the measures. There are cases when they are not respected. Even though we were forced to use state mechanisms, but there are cases when people gather in certain numbers at different events,” he added.