AAK’s Haxhiu: Haradinaj should be President of Kosovo

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) MP Teuta Haxhiu said on Monday evening that the developments with the Specialist Chambers have created a new political situation in Kosovo and that AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj is the right person to be elected President of Kosovo.

“Let us not even talk about Serbia’s attacks against Kosovo through their president, Aleksandar Vucic. This is why Ramush Haradinaj is the right candidate for President,” she added.

Haxhiu said the Hoti-led government has the required number of votes in the Assembly and that it is up to Prime Minister Hoti and the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) if the latter wants to join the coalition government.

“We have our responsibilities and if something doesn’t function properly, we need to discuss ways of getting out of these situations. The current practice is not good. The coalition does not have internal problems. But we need to reflect based on our responsibilities as MPs.”