Hoti: Soon to be known name of president or date of new elections

Prime Minister  Avdullah Hoti, said that in terms of electing the president there are only two options, that of a common name with the agreement of political parties, or going to the polls.

"It is more than clear that the country does not have a president, and according to the Constitution, we must elect a new president. For the president’s election at least 80 votes are needed in the Assembly, which this ruling coalition certainly does not have. This means we need to sit down with opposition parliamentary political parties to see if there is agreement on the election of the president, which I hope we will do soon. If there is such an agreement, then, of course, we have to agree on the date of the elections, certainly a suitable date for the citizens. These are two constitutional paths that will be followed in the coming weeks and months.

I believe that the first roundtable of parties will be organized soon, where these topics will be raised. I am also engaged in this direction. If there is a will for the election of the president, for concrete names, towards a common name, and if we are not talking about an election date. There is no other option ".