Veliu to be invited for a motion about EC Security Report

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Agim Veliu will be invited for a motion at the Assembly of Kosovo. The MPs will seek from him an answer about the report of the European Commission, in the field of security in Kosovo.

This was announced at the meeting of the Committee on Security and Defense Affairs, which decided to invite the Minister of Defense and the acting director of the Kosovo Police to report to the committee.

The chairwoman of the committee, Fatmire Kollcaku said that they will seek answers from the Minister of Interior, regarding the remarks addressed in the European Commission Report on Security.

“We had problems to have the minister here and that was exactly the reason since we are not a permanent committee, we are a functional committee, that we invite the minister to interpellation, however, we managed to collect six signatures of the MPs of this committee to invite the Minister of Internal Affairs to interpellation,” she said.

The MP from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ganimete Musliu requested for the acting director of the Kosovo Police to be present in the next meeting.

“We have made several attempts to invite the Minister of Order, Agim Veliu, and it is impossible to have him in the commission. I consider that all the conditions have already matured for us to have the acting director of the Kosovo Police in the commission. We have reports for many findings all over Kosovo, many violations of the Kosovo Police, and it is good for him to report directly, for us to be informed first hand and not by the media about everything that is happening with the Kosovo Police,” she said.

On the proposal of MP Beke Berisha, the commission also agreed to visit the Kosovo Security Academy in Vushtrri.

It was also decided that the Minister of Defense, Anton Quni should be invited to report to the committee on security and defense issues in the Assembly of Kosovo.

This decision was made by the commission after receiving the remarks addressed by the auditor’s report for the Ministry of Defense for 2019.

MP Elmi Recica said that the ministry should implement the auditor’s recommendations.

“We have nothing to discuss the issue of the auditor, we can only ask the relevant ministry to implement them. It is an independent institution and we should normally treat it as such and at the same time monitor how they are implementing those recommendations,” he said.

MP Mefail Bajqinovci said that the auditor’s report speaks of serious problems in the Ministry of Defense and the KSF, mentioning the lack of civil servants at work.

At today’s meeting, the committee voted to proceed in session with the draft law on supplementing and amending the law on identity cards.