Govt approves savings, redistribution of over 47 million euros

Upon the request of PM Hoti and following the Rules of Procedure of the Government, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo has held an electronic meeting, the 46th in a row, where it has approved the decision on savings, allocation, and harmonization in expenditure categories of budget organizations for 2020.

"47,621,459.91 euros have been saved and the same have been redistributed to budget organizations. The decision was approved according to the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, as it has passed all the procedural stages provided by the Rules of Procedure of the Government and other bylaws. The proposal has reviewed all documentation with the content of all data and information necessary for the approval of this decision. The proposal is also in line with the Government Program and within the legal deadlines. It has also been harmonized with all responsible ministries, agencies and relevant offices, with which consultations have been conducted for savings, allocation, and harmonization in the categories of expenditures of budget organizations ", says a communiqué released by the office of the Prime Minister.