Acting President speaks of "the red line on talks with Serbia”

The acting President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, spoke extensively about the dialogue process with Serbia during an exclusive interview with Ilva Tare on Euronews Albania.

She reiterated that Kosovo “has never refused the process”, even though Serbia has not apologized for crimes committed during the war.

She said that Kosovo is sitting at the roundtable of discussions, but added that this is only happening under certain conditions and by outlining several key points, which must be considered as “red lines”.

“We don’t refuse the dialogue, but we demand that it takes place in compliance with several conditions and principles. It is completely healthy for any state, even when it is negotiating under a trade or economic terms, to draw a red line over matters that cannot be crossed over ahead of the negotiations”, she said.

According to Osmani, Kosovo needs “internal unity” when facing Serbia in the dialogue process set to continue in Brussels.

“Before any of us goes to Brussels, we need to have a unified internal approach, so that we know what is the borderline that can’t be crossed over. And of course, that limit must be accepted by everyone in the assembly, because agreements signed in Brussels are not just souvenirs that we get to keep in our pockets, but to be ratified they need a two-third majority voting, or else the process will linger, and that suits Serbia well”, Osmani said.

Osmani said that in the last ten years, dialogue with Serbia has “slipped into topics of internal affairs”.