LVV objects Selmanaj’s presence, Assembly session interrupted

The Vetevendosje Movement’s (LVV) MPs tried to prevent the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Driton Selmanaj at the Assembly session. 

LVV made noise by hitting their tables at Selmanaj’s appearance at Assembly premises. They also shouted, “get out, get out”. 

Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Arberie Nagavci tried to keep order requesting from MPs to create a working environment, however, the session was interrupted. 

“As a Parliamentary Group, we have decided to refuse to allow the continuation of any plenary session where Driton Selmanaj is present. For us as a Movement, this man is unacceptable in the Assembly. The issue of missing persons is not a matter of a certain political entity or individual, but it is a problem and pain that affects all the citizens of this Republic,” LVV had announced in a statement issued earlier.