LVV relates Selmanaj’s presence at session with Hoti’s motion on Ujman

Vetevendosje Movement’s MP Liburn Aliu confirmed at a press conference today the position of his political entity that as long as Deputy Prime Minister Driton Selmanaj is present at the Assembly, they will not allow holding of the session. 

“The interrupted session today is related to Driton Selmanaj’s presence. We have made a statement on this matter stating that he is unacceptable, because Selmanaj called the issue of the missing persons, exhausted. MPs are failing and are harming the country due to the weak governing. Today is the motion on Ujman Lake and Hoti is expected to face revealing of the damage that he has caused to the country. They are trying to avoid this facing by using our principled position about Selmanaj. Our reaction at the Assembly is principled and within our positions. The Assembly should continue with its work. Hoti should come and face us about Ujman, and not hide behind Selmanaj. If Selmanaj comes, they are aware of our reaction. The session should continue at 14:00 hours with Hoti present. Even if they come, we will remain at the Assembly, but we will make the holding of the session impossible, Aliu said.