Kurti against PAK new waves of privatization

Vetevendosje Movement (VV) leader and candidate for Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, called on the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo today not to start any wave of privatization or liquidation.

Kurti said Vetevendosje’s government program foresees the review of the privatization process and a different treatment of public and state properties. He said he has received information that PAK is planning to initiate a new wave of liquidation. 

“I am now informed that the totally illegitimate board of PAK is trying to take advantage of the institutional vacuum by trying to initiate a new wave of liquidation … The calls of the board for the alleged independence of the institution and the country’s need for faster privatization to generate additional revenue in the state budget, further confirm our concern for abuses in this institution. I find it very important to publicly address the PAK board with the request to not challenge the institutional mechanisms and not to try to initiate new waves of privatization or liquidation with the decisions in force. I inform you that one of the main pillars of our government program is the fight against corruption and organized crime. Consequently, within this framework we will address the eventual challenge from the PAK board toward the government and assembly from the February 14 elections,” Kurti said.