“Government to prepare strategy against Russia’s malign operations”

During a roundtable on “Russia’s information war against Kosovo: Political background and manifestation” in Prishtina today, it was said that Moscow’s diplomatic war against Kosovo is causing its damages in international politics.

Panelists discussed Russian intervention in Kosovo and called on local institutions to prepare a strategy to respond to disinformation coming from Russia.

KIPRED Executive Director Lulzim Peci, referring to Kai Eide’s report adopted by the United Nations Security Council in 2005 which paved the way to addressing Kosovo’s final status, said that if Kosovo would have remained part of Serbia, “this would have been marked as Russia’s diplomatic victory”. “On the other hand, if the West would have opposed this and opted for Kosovo’s independence, Russia would have used this as a precedent with universal implications and would use it to pursue its territorial interests in neighboring countries,” he said.

Peci said that Russia was continuing to play the role of trying to get its “merits” in the Western Balkans through Serbia. “The results of the alliance between Russia and Serbia about Kosovo became apparent in October 2017 when Surinami announced it had revoked the recognition of Kosovo’s independence,” he said. 

Peci also mentioned the role of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov against Kosovo in 2018 when he called for a stop to the violence and vandalism against Serbs and religious sites when in fact none of them was happening in reality. “With these actions, Lavrov was trying to present Kosovo as a country where there is violence against Serbs even in the institutions,” he added.