Kosovo Ministry reacts to statement by Russian Foreign Ministry

Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted on Sunday to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry which referred to Kosovo Albanian political parties as being nationalistic.

“Statements coming from the Russian Foreign Ministry against Kosovo are not surprising. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora considers that all Albanian political parties in Kosovo have a clear pro-Western and Euro-Atlantic orientation,” the Ministry said in a statement

The Ministry also recalled that although Russia was involved in the process of resolving Kosovo’s status together with the other five countries of the Contact Group, in the end, it ruined the consensus and threatened to veto any resolution at the UN Security Council that would enable the formation of the state of Kosovo. “In 2010, Russia went against the ruling of the International Court of Justice on the legality of Kosovo’s independence, although Serbia, with backing from Russia, had insisted on an opinion by the ICJ at the UN General Assembly,” the statement notes.

The Ministry further argued that ever since the start of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Russia has always tried to obstruct an agreement. “The construction of a ‘humanitarian’ base in Nis, close to the border with Kosovo, the Russian-backed train that tried to forcefully enter into Kosovo, organizing incidents in the northern part of the country by Russian members of the UN in Kosovo, Russian sponsored ‘fake news’ in Kosovo and the region, the serious engagements of Russian diplomacy to condition states and certain leaders to ‘revoke the recognitions of Kosovo’, as well as much other public and non-public actions in different international forums, clearly show Russia’s tendency to undermine the process of reconciliation and to ruin peace in the region,” the statement adds.