Simmons: "Kosovo is a sovereign state"

Former President of the Assembly of Judges in the EULEX Mission for the Rule of Law in Kosovo, Malcolm Simmons, said on his Twitter account that Kosovo is a sovereign state and is responsible for its future.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it: Kosovo is a sovereign state.  It is in charge of its own destiny.  It is time the International Community started treating Kosovo as an equal partner,” Simmons wrote.

Simmons also addressed Miroslav Lajcak regarding his post on Twitter where he was criticized for the EU map, stating that the EU has a “neutral status”.

Is it possible for an organization like the EU to be ‘status neutral’?  he asked and added that to be ‘status neutral’ suggests the EU could support an outcome that is not in the interests of Member States.  Is that a reality?’