Haxhiu: Vetting, the most important process of justice, starts today

Kosovo’s Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, said today officially begins one of the most important processes in justice, that of vetting.

The first meeting of the Working Group for drafting the concept document for the vetting process was held today. Members of the Working Group and representatives of justice institutions – the Judicial Council, the Prosecutorial Council, other institutions, civil society organizations, and independent experts who have previously expressed their willingness to contribute in this matter, were present at this meeting.

“Unfortunately, the public trust in the judicial and prosecutorial system has not been proven to be at the level of expectations. This burdens not only the judicial and prosecutorial system but also the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, which is committed, with all its power, to the full realization of the rights of citizens, as guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Kosovo “, Haxhiu said.

She described this meeting as a symbol of launching positive changes within the justice system and encouraged all the people of Kosovo to commit themselves with all capacities to leave a proper legacy to the future generations, as well as to restore the trust of the citizens in the system of justice.

Lulzim Beqiri, Chairman of the Working Group, presented the content structure of the concept paper and the initial work plan was made, which is expected to be completed within 4 months. 

On the other hand, the participants in the meeting, representatives of institutions and civil society, expressed their willingness to cooperate and contribute to this important reform process in the justice system.

At the end of the meeting, the Working Group members agreed on the work plan and the format based on which this Concept Paper will be prepared and the stages through which it will go until its approval by the Government.