Haxhiu: Treating domestic violence is a government plan

Kosovo’s Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, met with the victims’ advocates on the occasion of the anniversary of the approval of the Istanbul Convention.

Haxhiu confirmed that the Government in Friday’s meeting will approve the work plan.

“As you are aware, the Kurti Government has a priority to address domestic violence and the Ministry of Justice is committed to this.”

“We have planned several visits in order to raise awareness because the cases of domestic violence are constantly increasing. During this time, we will be committed to addressing domestic violence. It remains a concern for us and today we plan to approve the governing program.”

“Domestic violence is not private, so an institutional coordination is needed to address it.”

Manager of the Office for Assistance and Protection of Victims Basri Kastrati said that all cases will be treated without neglect.

“This shows the commitment and we as an Office from the beginning offer services for this category. What we addressed will be a priority and will be treated without negligence and hesitation.”

Haxhiu will further visit the Center for the Protection of Women and Children and will meet with the Kosovo Police Anti-Domestic Violence Unit.