Kurti: For 55 days of government, we have done a lot of work

The Assembly of Kosovo is holding today an extraordinary session, where the Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti presented the governing plan of his government.

Kurti stated that for 55 days of government, a lot of work has been done that will lay the foundations of progress for the next four years. Kurti said that the anti-COVID measures imposed had an effect and were successful.

“When we came to the government, we drafted a plan that stopped the growing trend of cases that we inherited. After 41 days of entry into force, we can report that the measures were effective and successful, and thanks to them we have a completely different situation,” he said.

“Today we have a parliamentary majority, a government, and a presidency that are in line with their positions. Today we must celebrate this standard that we have achieved together, and it must be manifested with great reforms.”

“The program we have is a reflection of the promises and not only of the campaign. It is what we have been talking about for a long time about building a society where everyone gets what they deserve. A society that invests in education so that children are ready to compete in the global market, is our priority” Kurti added.

He further said that they plan to hire 400 pedagogues, psychologists and will make external evaluations of schools, while within the year the training of 500 teachers will take place.

“We are for free public education. In public institutions, the fees for the payment of the semester will be removed. We will invest in health. For a long time, our clinics were seen only as a meeting place with the doctor to get the prescription and get treatment elsewhere. With this program, we will increase inspection and monitoring by recruiting 30 health inspectors. We will keep the promise of a family doctor for 2000 thousand inhabitants,” he added, presenting the governing plan.

He stated that he is ready to cooperate with opposition leaders on foreign policy, in particular the dialogue with Serbia. Kurti said he could meet with them at any time to discuss the negotiations that await Kosovo, adding that they could improve the mistakes of previous governments together.

“Let us aim to unite on topics where we can find consensus. We will seek cooperation with the opposition on the topic of foreign policy and dialogue with Serbia. We may disagree on many issues, but try to agree on dialogue with Serbia,” he said.

Kurti pointed out that there are other topics, such as the courts in the north, the creation of discourse on territorial agreements, and footnotes, that he can discuss with the opposition.

“But let us not forget that you who have been in power for these 20 years, have already made a legacy left to us and most of my work in dialogue is in undoing the damage you have done as the association, footnotes, opening the status issue, threats of territorial change. If you have regrets, then let‘s talk together and improve it.”