Hoxhaj: Kurti`s governing plan is weak

Acting leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) Enver Hoxhaj criticized the presented government plan, saying that Kurti has the talent to advertise himself.

“The invitation of the Prime Minister to present the program in an extraordinary session two months after taking office is not about urgency. This session would have been common if it were to be held in late March. This urgency should be in dealing with the pandemic situation. The images of our elderly being pushed for a vaccine show that the country is heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe,” he said.

Hoxhaj said that the governing program has no action plan, it is weak and useless.

“The objectives are not translated into concrete activities, there are no deadlines and no budget planning. It is the weakest and most useless program. Albin Kurti had created the impression that as soon as he led the government, he would make the big transformation thanks to the political program. In fact, this has to do with something else, every demagogue and populist has a special talent to advertise himself and this talent is also shared by Albin Kurti,” he said.