Abdixhiku: Inexperienced governments need time

The leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Lumir Abdixhiku, said that the governing plan is one of the most inconsistent documents he has ever seen, adding that there is no measurement, time, or number.

“We will make good policies,” the program says. How can one define the abstract of good politics, this is not a measure, it is a slogan. There are two reasons for such a lack of definition: First, you do not know what you are going to do, and second, you are afraid of setting a goal,” Abdixhiku said.

He added that no concrete plan for economic development has been given in the program.

“This program does not show how much economic growth will be for the next four years,” he said, instructing Kurti that governance should be done looking to the future, and not criticizing the past.

“You have summarized the whole health problem in 334 words, with one page for four years. As dry as health, remains the economy. I do not believe that anyone can write so many words about economics without any prediction. I invite the government to show us the economic indicators of the country for the next four years,” Abdixhiku said.