Kurti,Merkel agree mutual recognition should be end-result of dialogue

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti had a video conference call with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and thanked her for the continuous support Germany provides to Kosovo.

A press release issued by the Government of Kosovo states that Chancellor Merkel congratulated Kurti on victory and expressed support for the government's program focusing on justice and employment. Merkel also commended Kurti for the way the government is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.
"With regards to dialogue with Serbia, prime minister Kurti reaffirmed that it should be a dialogue between two equal parties, resolve disputes between the two countries and normalize their relations. The prime minister and the chancellor agreed that the process of dialogue needs to be fair, built on trust and that the end result should be mutual recognition." Kurti added: "Independence of Kosovo and its territorial integrity cannot become topic of talks and we cannot go back to the time prior to 2008."
Kurti also spoke about visa liberalization and urged Germany to push the process forward.