Godfrey: The US still want everything agreed in Washington implemented

US Ambassador to Serbia Anthony Godfrey said today that Serbia is the economic locomotive of the Western Balkans, the economic leader in the region, and one of the most resilient economies in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic and that the US still want everything agreed in Washington to be implemented. 

Godfry said for today’s Politika edition that the main drive of that locomotive is intellectual strength and that it is, therefore, necessary to invest a lot of energy to stop the brain drain and create conditions for long-term revaluation in order for young people to build their future in Serbia.

“The key is to help Serbia integrate and eventually join the largest and most successful economic and political union, the EU. The accession process is difficult, no doubt about it, but the reforms associated with it will help the economy to continue strengthening, thus convincing young people to build their future in the cities of Serbia,” Godfrey said.

Asked whether the Washington agreement is still valid for the current American administration, Godfrey said that the US still wants everything agreed in Washington to be implemented, and reminded that the United States has supported the process leading to a comprehensive and binding agreement on the normalization of Belgrade-Pristina relations.

“The US administration will continue to treat elements of the Washington agreement as a priority. The US agrees that some of the issues are best resolved through EU-led dialogue and is ready to support the process as best it can,” Godfrey said.

He added that President Joe Biden understands very well the importance of a stable and prosperous Balkans, as well as a united and free Europe.

“We fully support Serbia’s strategic goal of joining the EU and everything it needs to do in order to succeed. Our assistance through programs in Serbia itself, as well as our clear political support for the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans, helps Serbia implement the necessary reforms, and to move forward on its European path,” Godfrey concluded.