Kurti: Reciprocity will happen, but gradually

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said today in the session of the Assembly of Kosovo that the measure of reciprocity with Serbia will be implemented but not immediately.

“We will implement the measure of reciprocity, but we will implement it slowly. We will not rush, we will work for it to be realized slowly. Because we are the first government to deal with reciprocity and customs officials have not been trained to accept reciprocity. In our last government, we did not start reciprocity in the first month, we started it as gradual reciprocity, we do not deal with it as revenge on anyone.”

He said that they will discuss with the communities in Kosovo for their development and not for reconciliation.

“We do not dialogue for the reconciliation of communities, we discuss for the development of communities, for justice and their employment,” Kurti said.