Training in Japan

10 members from Working Group2 and a project assistant participated in the training on the program production, held in Tokyo from 14 April to 22 April, 2016. The objective of this training was to enhance knowledge for program production as public broadcasting. The main focus was placed on three main pillars: 1) program production, 2) news report and programing, and 3) public broadcasting and new technology of broadcasting. Training was facilitated by NHK professionals who shared their knowledge and experience by explaining the role, programing, and function of public broadcasting. In addition, it was said that success can be ensured if enough attention is paid to the important elements such as the use of necessary structure for financial independence, fair and balanced journalism or impartiality, and pluralistic, critical and creative thinking, etc. Kosovo journalists did not hesitate to ask questions and share their concerns and issues they face on the daily basis. Kindness, generosity and readiness to assist were demonstrated by NHK staff and highly appreciated by Kosovo delegation. We hope that Kosovo journalists that had opportunity to attend this training will start implementing the obtained knowledge very soon and will contribute to the improvement of the RTK program production as a public broadcaster.