Kurti has four new proposes for dialogue

Following the meeting in Brussels with Serbian President, Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, said that he made four proposals. Kurti said that they disagreed with the agenda of the future dialogue and presented the four proposals.

In a Facebook post, Kurti said that jointly with his deputy Besnik Bislimi, and under the facilitation of the EU High Representative Josep Borrell and EU Special Representative on Dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, met with Serbia’s state delegation led by President Vucic and Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic.

“We expressed our position and criticism about the agreements reached so far. We also expressed our readiness for a constructive dialogue on mutual recognition. The next meeting will be held before the summer recess, which starts on 25 July,” Kurti wrote on Facebook.

Kurti said that he made four proposals during today’s meeting:

 1. Six countries of the Western Balkans shall advance CEFTA into SEFTA (South-East European Free Trade Agreement) according to the model EFTA-EEA, namely the agreement that Lichtenstein, Norway, and Iceland have with the EU.

2. Kosovo and Serbia shall immediately sign a joint peace agreement pledging not to attack each other. This is important now more than ever, a day after the NATO Summit in Brussels and a unanimous message after the meeting.

3. After mutual recognition between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, both our countries shall have mutual reciprocity, including the issue of minorities. So, Serbs in Kosovo can have their National Council like the model of Albanians and Bosniaks in Serbia.

4. On the issue of the missing and forcibly disappeared persons, Serbia shall remove from the position and question the head of the Serbian delegation, Mr. Veljko Odalovic, who in 1997-1999, was “head of the Kosovo district” and led occupied Kosovo jointly with Mr. Zoran Andjelkovic.

5. To my first proposal we received no answer, whereas the other three proposals have been turned down. I hope that when they return to Belgrade, Mr. Vucic and Mr. Selakovic will reflect and seriously consider accepting these proposals.

Today afternoon Mr. Borrell will meet with US President Joe Biden, Kosovo PM Kurti concluded in his Facebook post.