Daka: My dismissal was illegal and ordered

The former chairwoman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Valdete Daka, called her dismissal from the CEC an ordered decision.

At an extraordinary press conference, Daka said her dismissal was unconstitutional.

“Yesterday with her decision, the president of Kosovo has fulfilled the threat for my dismissal made during the election campaign. I want to let you know from the beginning that this is an unconstitutional decision and unsupported by law. I say this based on the fact that the justification made for my dismissal is not only illegal, contradictory within, but also ridiculous. To be accused of inaction and collegial decisions taken by all members of the CEC and to be punished only because I applied the Constitution and the Law, is an absurdity of its kind and in all likelihood an ordered decision,” Daka said.

She stated that the immediate appointment of the new CEC chairperson proved that the decision for her dismissal was prepared earlier.

“It is clear that it was prepared earlier, and this proves the immediate appointment of the new chairperson. This dismissal was preceded by a meeting in which she asked me to resign voluntarily and receive in return an acknowledgment for the work I had done, including the possibility of further cooperation. This was unacceptable to me,” she said.

The former chairwoman of the CEC also spoke about her clashes with President Osmani. According to her, it all started when she and some CEC members opposed the certification of candidates who have been convicted in the last three days.

“Public threats of President Osmani have started since January 2021, when I and most members of the CEC, although under great pressure, were in defense of the ruling of the Constitutional Court for not allowing the candidacy of convicted persons in the last three years. A day after this decision, through a video message, President Osmani threatened to dismiss me,” she said.

Daka also said that Osmani in the justification for dismissal has included the ungrounded accusations of some CEC members, alluding to the Vetevendosje Movement’s representatives in the CEC, Sami Kurteshi, and Alim Rama.

“This ordered pressure by the representatives of a political entity has continued even later. They stopped the meetings, claimed ungrounded accusations and the president did not react to them. You can find their accusations today in the president’s justification for my dismissal. The arguments of the presidents are easily brought down and they do not need much effort,” Daka said.