Haradinaj to Kurti: Withdraw from many points, seek only recognition

Former Prime Minister of Kosovo, currently chairman of the AAK, Ramush Haradinaj called publicly on Prime Minister Kurti to give up the four points proposed Tuesday in Brussels and keep only one point, that of mutual recognition within the existing borders.

Haradinaj said that the points proposed by Prime Minister Kurti, delay the dialogue process indefinitely and could enable Serbia to open a new chapter.
"The proposal of four points in today's meeting between Kurti and Vucic with the mediation of the EU, gave space to the Serbian side but also to the EU to talk about any point they want, so he is delaying the dialogue process indefinitely instead of just asking for mutual recognition. This form of dialogue only enables Serbia to open a new chapter, and Prime Minister Kurti’s frequent visits to Brussels and back. We have seen this kind of talk in the past," Haradinaj said.
He called on Kurti to abandon the points proposed in Brussels and to seek only mutual recognition within the existing borders from which then the peace agreement derives.
“This turns Kosovo's position to an equal economic and trade position, for integration, for EU membership, towards NATO and UN membership", added Haradinaj.
He said that Kurti cannot deceive all the citizens of Kosovo if he can deceive those who voted for him.
"What happened today in Brussels by Prime Minister Kurti, is a great deception of the citizens and damage to the state of Kosovo, but this does not pass because Kurti cannot deceive entire Kosovo. If he treats those who gave him the vote as he is treating them, do not forget that the other half did not vote for him and they will have no reason to be embarrassed, to tell the truth," Haradinaj concluded.